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lyssie ([personal profile] lyssie) wrote2017-06-19 08:11 pm

I am reminded. (Midsomer Murders - "Death by Persuasion")

I caught up on a bunch of Midsomer Murders, and the Jane Austen episode, guys. The Jane Austen episode gave me feelings.

I know, I can't believe I'm cutting for Midsomer Murder spoilers, either.

1. Claire Skinner. I just. I kept half-flailing during the last scene with her because she was so amazing and I just, augh. I ached for her at the same time as -

1a. I hated her (fictional) sister because of her murdering ways, and how it could have been so different if they all hadn't protected (Claire Skinner's character).

2. And it's just the little things about MM that always break my heart over the destruction of all these lives that interweave--it's very, oh, Ruth Rendell, I guess, with how one wrong in the past sends ripples that eventually culminate in murder. And, well, that's why I like this show.

3. The above aside, I need to re-watch this episode, because some of the dates/timing don't actually make a great deal of sense? Like, there's a weird gap and a surprise!Daughter and a Long Lost Love, and it doesn't make sense. But Skinner sold me on all of it, so it all worked emotionally for me.

4. And then the thing that freaked me out because. ok, I am not a massive slash fan. I don't mind it, I like various M/M pairings, but I rarely seek it out and I don't have much interest in it? BUT HOLY SHIT. If there is slash fic about the characters Nicholas Gleaves and Samuel West played (Ray and Oswood, I think?), I would read the fuck out of it. Despite the fact that the two of them are assholes who married their wives knowing they were gay for each other and then had a long-standing affair. The reason? The very end of the episode where the two of them fucking sell their relationship and it is adorable. (I had no idea I could even find that sort of thing adorable, and I don't really condone what they did as I don't think they have an excuse, BUT) - Basically, Gleaves and West sold the hell out of the scene, and they're not even speaking, just sort of there. (because of course I screencapped it, ok)

4a. Which means Gleaves has now redeemed himself for being whatsisface in Scott and Bailey for me. =D

5. On another subject entirely, aaaand spoiling the hell out of the last episode of that season, KAM LEFT WITHOUT KISSING WINTER. Like, I get that you can sort of frame it as Sarah pushing them into it, but I wanted a kiss, dammit, even if it went NOWHERE. Another thing I want all of the fic for (and tbh, I many end up writing some sort of five things relating to that episode just because I can).

Anyway. As I said, the episode gave me feelings.

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