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no one's gonna take my soul away

1. Someone linked to a purported Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script and... if it's not Whedon, whoever wrote it aped his style for destroying women to build them up pretty well.

I'm disturbed, because reading excerpts? That is the movie I assumed we would get for Wonder Woman, no matter who did it. That we got something so much better continues to boggle my mind.

2. There's been a couple "no one has ever been this badass on film" things re: Wonder Woman and... while, yes, there have been badass women who have come before (and let's be real, here, without Ripley...)--there have not really been big screen epic movies that were so centered on a badass female heroine without turning her into a sex object and constantly apologizing for her being female by shoving her in skimpy, sexy outfits and having men call her whore (or mewling quim).

At least not in Hollywood (and if there have been, and they've been so amazingly successful, then I guess WW isn't really ground-breaking).

3. That said, anyone who thinks Aeryn Sun couldn't kick Diana's ass is wrong on the internet.

4. (this is the new Hulk vs. Wolverine, ok.)

5. I have watched half a season of Wynonna Earp. I like it. I don't have a lot of thoughts on it, aside from constantly being annoyed by all the unbound long hair just waiting to get caught in things (like under someone's arms, because let me tell you, internet, I do that all the time and it is fucking annoying that it never seems to happen to heroines on tv. Diana doesn't count, she's an alien/goddess/whatever from the dawn of time, her hair is magical).

I tell a lie. I find the main bad guy incredibly dull.

6. I also watched a lot of Absolutely Fabulous (until my embarrassment squick quotient had been hit). And I have to say, Jane Horrocks is almost more amazing than Michelle Gomez in Green Wing. Or possibly DW. Because Horrocks is ridiculous in AbFab, and she pulls it off amazingly. I mean, Bubble, folks. Bubble.

7. Unconventional Courtship is starting up again, for those who like that sort of thing (I enjoy hearing about it even if my brain continues to balk at trying to write anything for it).
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[personal profile] saturnofthemoon 2017-06-20 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
I've only seen excerpts of the Whedon script, but what I read made my skin crawl.
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I just keep telling myself that lots of people would have worked on that script before we ever saw it on the screen.

Wynonna Earp doesn't really bother me with the hair thing, because the whole show is so ridiculous. I used to have waist-length hair, though, and I never caught it under my arm. It would go in my mouth and around my neck a lot, though!
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I have inhaled my own hair on more than one occasion! Plus gotten it caught on things. I have no idea how none of the Earp ladies have ever gotten their hair caught on anything.
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3. That said, anyone who thinks Aeryn Sun couldn't kick Diana's ass is wrong on the internet.

I would prefer to have them meet, misunderstand, fight to a draw (because interrupted), then team up and kick someone else's ass. Preferably an entire army of Peacekeepers and Scarrans headed by Grayza, possibly while D'argo, Chiana, and John eat popcorn and cheer them on, and Etta winces in the background.
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