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SFF: Playing catch-up

1. Lady Killer. Comic by Joelle Jones (the cover artist from Mockingbird, and also interior art of Chelsea Cain's first issue). Josie Schuller is a suburban housewife in the 60's who also happens to kill people for the government. I feel no one is surprised that I read that premise and went "THAT SOUNDS AMAZING WHERE DO I SIGN UP." or words to that effect. I quite liked it, the art is lovely, and the story is interesting enough to keep me reading.

2. Class. I watched the first episode last week or something. And. It was all right? However. I spent most of it waiting for the Doctor to show up as I didn't really connect with any of the characters. And prince Harry Potter (because his planet was totally fucking Hogwarts, guys) was so fucking dull I couldn't believe he survived. Also really not impressed that Ram's girlfriend was BRUTALLY MURDERED. Way to fridge someone, folks. So gross. While I'll probably eventually watch more... really, I think I still miss Clara.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Not a lot to say, I mean, it was good! It was more Farscapey nonsense! Sadly no blue breasts, green breasts, blue... er. I liked it! I just... don't have a lot to say? Other than, phenomenal set design, and Spaceship Earth called ok, and I AM SO HAPPY that we got so much Gamora-Nebula interaction. EEEEEEEEeee!! I could give 0 fucks about Yonda or whatever his name was, and reframing him as a 'good father figure' was fucking ridiculous. But whatever. Also, I've seen this father-son nonsense and last time, Crichton then made a fool out of Aeryn, so I suppose this was at least a little better. Also, A Human Reaction called and wants its god-like aliens back...

4. Wonder Woman. Very much enjoyed. Watching her punch things ESPECIALLY CHURCHES AND BUILDINGS AS A WHOLE and wear a sword in a dress was excellent fun.

5. Logan. Did not enjoy. It was very dull and predictable.

And yes, I bought and read the second Mockingbird trade. It was sad that it ended even if it ended on a threesome high-note, so, good job there, Ms. Cain.
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[personal profile] lilacsigil 2017-06-11 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I liked some of the Class characters a lot, but the tone of the show was really weird. One minute we're having teen angst and adventure and then sudden bloody fridging?

Lady Killer sounds cool, I will check it out!
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Class, a little like Torchwood but without the campy fun, is really invested in wump for wump's sake, and it piles in on Ram twice as much as anyone else. I have SUCH mixed feelings about Class.