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SFF: Mockingbird

I keep putting off reading comic-related things (I keep buying Ms. Marvel, Saga, Lazarus, etc., but managing to remember to read the TPBs doesn't happen often).

For some reason, though, I picked up the Mockingbird trade "I Can Explain", and when it came, managed to read the whole thing.

I hadn't intended to. I simply wanted to look through it to see if it was good (I hoped).

But instead, I read it. And then went back and re-read bits. And then went online to order the next trade (and yes I know, sadly, it's the last).

(not really spoilery, but)

I really really liked it. It was fast-paced, witty, angsty, over-the-top, ridiculous, hilarious, and full of that sort of gut-punchy "this is funny, except it's not, and let me gouge out some brain matter and make you sniffle" kinda thing that, um, like, Farscape was good at. Or Spooks, even.

Bobbi Morse is a SCIENTIST, you guys. She is smart, and sarcastic, and tends to rescue people. A lot.

(also, I'm not entirely sure either Lance Hunter or Clint Barton wore a shirt the entire trade. So, y'know, if you have a thing for nice abs of the male variety...)

She's also a scientific experiment possibly gone wrong and seeing things. Maybe. And psychic.


Basically, I enjoyed the book, I'm unsurprised it was cancelled (because that's how these things go for me), and it actually makes me want to pick up the author's other fiction work.

Sigh and it will be Friday before it gets here.

(also, I discovered my new computer likes online editing things and now have a really smashing desktop. um. and icons.)
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[personal profile] st_aurafina 2017-05-12 09:03 am (UTC)(link)
It was so good, omg. And funny! So, of course it got cancelled. *sighs*