lyssie: (I am Jack Harkness's surprised look)
lyssie ([personal profile] lyssie) wrote2016-09-13 09:59 pm

there's an undertow

1. that moment when you check your notifs on Twitter and your mother favorited something and you're like "FUCK, WAS IT AN OFFENSIVE LINK?"

2. I sent an email out today with explicit, step-by-step instructions including pictures and everything... and I still had multiple people respond with "How do I fill this form out?" Srsly. How do you people even fucking function in reality? Or do your jobs?

3. In a similar vein, I told someone "I need you to give me X, X, and D." Instead, she sent me X, C and H. Thanks, now I have to wait for you to send me the other things I need. (also, when she wanted to know why she had to do more work, she was like "I'm ok if AP has to do more work". Which, no, asshole, I AM THE ONE who will have to do more work because I will be doing YOUR fucking job which is why I told you I needed it THAT WAY)

4. I may have gone to the poster sale at UWM. And if I had more wall space, I would have too many things to put on them. Um. If I had bought them (which I didn't, because I have restraint. Mostly)