lyssie: (Ace and Shou Youin)
lyssie ([personal profile] lyssie) wrote2016-08-23 07:40 pm

OMG get off my lawn (except not)

YOU GUYS. Havoc was talking about newbs in fandom and their incessant need to believe they've done something first and that LJ is 'ye olden days' and such -

And someone in her comments mentioned OTL. And I went "I wonder if Topica still exists" and it does.

And my login still works.

And it is entirely fitting that DarkMark is spamming OTL with an invite to LinkedIn.

(and, like, two of you will care, but whatever).

No one has posted fic to OTL since 2009. I don't know how to feel about that (I mean, yeah, OutsideTheLines and mailing lists are a bit obsolete in general, but those were the days, y'know). LJ and Twitter and Facebook and Myspace and half a dozen other things (message boards becoming more functional and interactive) killed mailing lists. I think.


Also, the days of the personal archive are long past, everyone uses bit multi-purpose archives like Ff'net and AO3 and some that I probably don't even know.

Mostly, though, my OTL password is still the most ridiculous thing ever (I even said "I bet it's still this" and it was).