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lyssie ([personal profile] lyssie) wrote2016-07-22 11:48 pm

SFF: Ghostbusters (2016)

I hadn't actually realized it was out (like I pay any attention to movies, girls. Alice was out for like three weeks before I knew it).

Anyway, we went and saw it earlier tonight.

And my basic reaction is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. With giggles and "YES, THAT." (mostly)

Honestly? If you thought the trailer was weak, the movie is... nothing like the trailer. All those scenes in context are way better than the trailer.

I really enjoyed it.

Like Alice, I worry that it will get panned (though a wiki read says it's doing all right and there may be a sequel?).

It's very true to the original, with lots of little moments and call-backs. It's also very much its own story (they took the frame-work and re-worked it well).

And the cameos are all excellent, I even have ridiculous head-canon for most of them.

Finally. I think Jillian Holtzmann is one of the hottest things ever. She's ridiculous and geeky and there's this amazing scene with guns and licking, and I... guys, she is like if you mashed Kara Thrace and Sam Carter into one person.

My own little personal nirvana.

so hot

I'm sure I will have more intellectual thoughts another time. Right now I'm going to do.. something. idk what. Not read fic, though, I've already poked AO3 and I don't think it'll scratch my itch (hooray for the femslash fandom, though!)

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