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What in the actual fuck is the point in posting about a big bang to a writing community when signups for writers are already closed.

I have survived putting information into assessments at work.

Dragoncon was fun. Marina Sirtis is my new hero. When warned the panel might be on DCTV, her response was to double flip-off the camera. Also. Militant about how shitty being a woman and earning less than dudes is. <3 <3 <3

Why can I find no fanvids to that Alice Merton track? You would think fandom would latch onto it. Also, still waiting on my No Horses vids, apocalyptic fandoms.
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Still alive and (somewhat) kicking.

We're coming on the end of fiscal year at work, which means evaluations and reviews and I am... just augh, no. Go away stupid things that don't do me any good and make me anxious and annoyed. My skills at bullshitting have got me through the last two, not so sure that will work now. Newboss is a bit more... sticklerish.

In case anyone was wondering, yes I do think Nazis are bad. The fact our president couldn't say that is... unsurprising. Anyone who voted for him is to blame by proxy for the deaths that happened over the weekend.

On another subject, I'll be at Dragoncon again this year.
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1. Vidders! Are you looking for a new apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic song to vid to? Garbage has you covered with No Horses

2. And I know this is old, but this brilliant re-working of the Run Baby Run vid for Shirley Manson's demo of Pretty Horses is fucking amazing. And I would kill for the Shirley Manson is a Spy show that this vid pretends is happening.

3. This poster is cool

4. We went to the zoo today and I saw bats and they were cute. Also, mongooses. We also saw the inside animal body exhibit (I'm too sleepy to go look it up), and it was awesome.
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I wrote this on Twitter earlier (ok, really, in Yikes, which I kept splitting to make the sentences fit).


One day, zombie Hello Kitty was hanging out with her posse of Care Bears. They were considering a raiding party against the communist scourge.

To be fair to the communist scourge, Hello Kitty didn't have a lot of issues with them.

But they did have brains she would like to eat.

Which brought them back full circle, as the Care Bears were all a bit live and let live.

The Care Bears wanted to raid Cookie Monster's stash of Cheetos. Possibly, they had the munchies for non-brain things.

Possibly, they just didn't have a care about politics.

But then again, Care Bears like universal health care for all, since they're into that caring and sharing thing.

Hello Kitty often wondered if being undead was a pre-existing condition. Not that it mattered, any medical establishment would be more likely to supply her with fresh brains than medical care.

Mmm, brains, she thought to herself. So tasty.

The distraction let the argument dissipate into the ether.

The Care Bears wandered off to take a dip in Lake Michigan (which they like to do to shock the locals), and zombie Hello Kitty ended up taking a shamble towards Mequon for tea.

Then she settled down to watch some Leverage and nosh on her newly-acquired brains (they were light on intelligence, but high in protein).

The end.
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Borrowed from [personal profile] lost_spook

1: Pick five fandoms. List them in alphabetical order.

2: Visit this site to find your first RANDOM POEM OF POWER. Write down the 5th line (yes, even if it's an E.E. Cummings poem and you wind up with an apostrophe). Repeat five times and - you guessed it - list 'em in alphabetical order! (No cheating, mind! This is a challenge and it's always been about creativity.)

3: I think you can see where this is going. Write a very quick 50-word half-drabble for each fandom (try to do it all in one sitting - make your brain explode!), using the line from the poem as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the half-drabble - it's just inspiration.

4: Bravo! Have a cookie

I ended up doing it twice, for fandoms: Doctor Who, Farscape, Torchwood, Marvel's Excalibur, Miss Marple, Stargates SG-1 & Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (2005), St. Trinian's, and Marvel's Mockingbird.

And I'm posting now otherwise, I'll end up waiting for forever and never doing so.

Vague spoilers for Big Finish's Eight & Charley run, Mockingbird issue 5, Atlantis season 2, I think? and BSG 4.5 )
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For those wondering, I have not managed to go past Paranoid 1x3, mostly because I got distracted by something shinier, then needed something less engrossing. I don't remember why I got distracted, I just know that I did.

Deborah Watling has passed away, which is sad.

We're not losing Who actors at quite the rate Babylon Five is, of course. Though, to be fair, I remember Stephen Furst from St. Elsewhere before I remember his B5 stint (St. E. was a childhood memory, ok, it has a deeper hold on my brain).

I had intended to write for the multifandom drabble thingie (for treats), and managed not to. I wrote three bits of different things (and I think I lost some bits when my computer rebooted overnight), but never got round to polishing and posting them. It has been so damned busy at work I didn't remember until past the deadline.

I really need a clone, ok.

(I am also so going to fail this work thing, and that is because I am not made of magic and the entire concept is flawed and makes me rage in frustration)

(also, I constantly quote Kenny Burns from Red Cap. Because ffs, I am so weighed down on both sides by these people at times)

On another subject entirely (because I was just poking through a file), I'm pretty sure Mirah's 'Cold Cold Water' is one of my personal Root/Sameen Shaw songs.
I saddled up my pony right
And rode into the ghostly night
It was wide, wide open, wide, wide open
I left the only home I knew
I stayed alive and I found you
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I hadn't intended to watch more than a few minutes to see if it was something I'd enjoy.

Two and a half episodes later, and I have to pause to say this.
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Which is to say, I'm quite enjoying it, and it is really really gorgeously-shot. I've gotten a ridiculous number of screencaps just because the angles/lighting/etc (it's why I fell in love with Motive, too).

Well, and Indira Varma is pretty.

Anyway, it's slow-moving, but interesting enough to keep me watching. It's a bit like Five Days, if anyone's watched that (well, the second series as that's the one I've seen).

Also, it's a bit disconcerting as Lesley Sharpe is in it as not Janet Scott. Or a copper.
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(I mean, aside from giggling a little maniacally about how the numbering has been screwed up since the DoD retconning wherein there have been, like, eighteen Doctors already)
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A wee little ficlet. (obv spoilery for DW announcement.)
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(no, I totally didn't).

I wish I could remember which posts on the Sam/Jack list were the inspiration for this icon.

SO. Someone linked me to the BSG cast reunion thing, and, like, the first quote from Ron is all "We totally re-wrote and reimagined SF television!"

And I'm like, "This is why I'm not allowed to read interviews with you, dude. You don't know your fucking SF television history. And it's grating." (also: why I'm not allowed to listen to commentaries on BSG, because they cause frothing shut up, newb rage).

Because, no. B5 and Farscape were there before you, and before that, so was Blake's 7.

I mean, to be fair, BSG totally did break new ground at the whole "we have a plot, let's pick people from a hat to slot them into the role regardless of whether they fit that or the characterization matches."

(I might love it/have loved it, but I refuse to consider it untouchably amazing when I know that Farscape owns my soul and B5's seasons 1-4 were much better in terms of arcs, character motivations and pay-offs)

Not to mention, the dead women on BSG. So many of them. Yet so many dudes lived. So. Many.

(still bitter, ok)


And that was a lot of words about a completely different series for a post that began with Sam Carter (who certainly causes me to feel shallow and libido-driven).

I KNOW. I could babble about Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, and how it's been, like ten years? Or more? I think it's been thirteen, actually, since I met Kara Thrace and decided she and Sam would be hot together.

ALSO. On another point entirely, Depeche Mode's "Where's the Revolution" is my new favorite song.
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I caught up on a bunch of Midsomer Murders, and the Jane Austen episode, guys. The Jane Austen episode gave me feelings.

I know, I can't believe I'm cutting for Midsomer Murder spoilers, either.
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1. Someone linked to a purported Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script and... if it's not Whedon, whoever wrote it aped his style for destroying women to build them up pretty well.

I'm disturbed, because reading excerpts? That is the movie I assumed we would get for Wonder Woman, no matter who did it. That we got something so much better continues to boggle my mind.

2. There's been a couple "no one has ever been this badass on film" things re: Wonder Woman and... while, yes, there have been badass women who have come before (and let's be real, here, without Ripley...)--there have not really been big screen epic movies that were so centered on a badass female heroine without turning her into a sex object and constantly apologizing for her being female by shoving her in skimpy, sexy outfits and having men call her whore (or mewling quim).

At least not in Hollywood (and if there have been, and they've been so amazingly successful, then I guess WW isn't really ground-breaking).

3. That said, anyone who thinks Aeryn Sun couldn't kick Diana's ass is wrong on the internet.

4. (this is the new Hulk vs. Wolverine, ok.)

5. I have watched half a season of Wynonna Earp. I like it. I don't have a lot of thoughts on it, aside from constantly being annoyed by all the unbound long hair just waiting to get caught in things (like under someone's arms, because let me tell you, internet, I do that all the time and it is fucking annoying that it never seems to happen to heroines on tv. Diana doesn't count, she's an alien/goddess/whatever from the dawn of time, her hair is magical).

I tell a lie. I find the main bad guy incredibly dull.

6. I also watched a lot of Absolutely Fabulous (until my embarrassment squick quotient had been hit). And I have to say, Jane Horrocks is almost more amazing than Michelle Gomez in Green Wing. Or possibly DW. Because Horrocks is ridiculous in AbFab, and she pulls it off amazingly. I mean, Bubble, folks. Bubble.

7. Unconventional Courtship is starting up again, for those who like that sort of thing (I enjoy hearing about it even if my brain continues to balk at trying to write anything for it).
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1. Lady Killer. Comic by Joelle Jones (the cover artist from Mockingbird, and also interior art of Chelsea Cain's first issue). Josie Schuller is a suburban housewife in the 60's who also happens to kill people for the government. I feel no one is surprised that I read that premise and went "THAT SOUNDS AMAZING WHERE DO I SIGN UP." or words to that effect. I quite liked it, the art is lovely, and the story is interesting enough to keep me reading.

2. Class. I watched the first episode last week or something. And. It was all right? Read more... )

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Not a lot to say, I mean, it was good! It was more Farscapey nonsense! Sadly no blue breasts, green breasts, blue... er. I liked it! I just... don't have a lot to say? Other than, phenomenal set design, and Spaceship Earth called ok, and Read more... )

4. Wonder Woman. Very much enjoyed. Watching her punch things Read more... ) and wear a sword in a dress was excellent fun.

5. Logan. Did not enjoy. It was very dull and predictable.

And yes, I bought and read the second Mockingbird trade. It was sad that it ended Read more... )
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Since my new screen is ginormous. I've been using Pixlr, as my ancient photoshop will not work on this computer. Sadness.

Anyway, some of these are better than others, and I am to lazy to do preview images. Lots of reds.

Women of SG: Atlantis
Liz and Teyla, and a bit of Sam (a variation of the above)
Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) Because those covers were fucking amazing, ok.
Multiple Marvel women Natasha Romanov, Carol Danvers, Bobbi Morse.
Natasha Desktop 1
Natasha Desktop 2 Art by Phil Noto
Natasha Desktop 3 Art by Phil Noto
Kara Thrace and Sam Anders
River Song, the many faces of
lyssie: Cover from Mockingbird issue 5 (I spy with my little eye...)
I keep putting off reading comic-related things (I keep buying Ms. Marvel, Saga, Lazarus, etc., but managing to remember to read the TPBs doesn't happen often).

For some reason, though, I picked up the Mockingbird trade "I Can Explain", and when it came, managed to read the whole thing.

I hadn't intended to. I simply wanted to look through it to see if it was good (I hoped).

But instead, I read it. And then went back and re-read bits. And then went online to order the next trade (and yes I know, sadly, it's the last).

(not really spoilery, but)
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The weird thing (or maybe not so weird) thing about listening to Rumpole of the Bailey episodes (and by that, I mean the mp3 rips I've done off the BBC tv series that was done 80-90s with the amazing Leo McKern and the two Liz Proberts who are both still somewhat hot, though Samantha Bond has aged better, but then Abigail McKern was more the girl next door than the glam-Bond-girl)--but I'm digressing.


The thing about listening is realizing what a damned con artist and mastermind Rumpole is. He is like the male Sophie Deveraux without the lust for cash and sex appeal (I like Leo, but Rumpole is rather sexless in his way). He manipulates the fuck out of everyone around him (and Hilda, his wife, is a bit grifter, herself--but she'd have to be to survive him).

And he usually does it in similar ways to how Sophie and the Leverage team played on peoples' prejudices and perceptions (racism, sexism, ableism, etc). Usually, he mostly plays on the sexism to get people to do his bidding.

Which I suppose shouldn't surprise me, given my love of Justice and Revenge (Dark Justice wasn't watched for its plot, ok. And Leverage fills the same revenge-kink-niche that The Pretender).

But it does make me wonder what his reaction to the Leverage crew would be.

The above all said, I have also discovered that there have been recent radio plays about a younger Rumpole which have included both Benedict Cumberbatch and Julian Rhind-Tutt (and LET ME TELL YOU, listening to the opening of the one on youtube after having recently re-listened to some Green Wing and McKern-Rumpole was a bit jarring). Somehow, I must find more of these. sigh.
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1. I have 0 opinion on the LJ thing. I'm just cross-posting everything. Because I can. Also, more icons on LJ.

2. I am so behind on TV I still haven't watched the DW christmas special. No, seriously, I haven't.
(CLARA WAS MY HEART OK. Also, I really should finish my post about my thoughts on CLARA and Twelve and the last season, as it's, like, two years late at this point.)

3. I finally broke down and bought a new laptop. Much as I loved Parker, when Firefox tells me they will no longer support the version of Windows I'm running... Anyway, the new computer is not named, and is shiny and all. And also maybe now I can watch Netflix again. Even if Photoshop no longer works (curse the inevitable betrayal of technology).

4. Is anyone watching this APB show Fox is doing? Because it sounds like a low-rent Person of Interest ripoff. (c'mon. "A tech billionaire. A Chicago cop. Giving justice the reboot." It's just missing the ex-CIA operative...)

5. Yes, I do live. =D

6. OMG. I was going through icons and there are like ten billion Kara/Sam icons on my computer and I MISS THEM OK. I miss BSG fandom and SG-1 circa season 9 and, let's be real, Farscape at any season (though I wasn't in the fandom). I also need to make myself more Pryde/Wisdom icons. Because speaking of OTPs... (and maybe I need more icon space on DW'th, as there is a lack of Jean/Scott here).

7. The worst part about moving computers is having to go through all of your files and realizing you don't remember what the actual fuck three-quarters of them are (though at least my music files were mostly in order, and a playlist spanning EVERYTHING is massively entertaining especially when it shifts from The Pogues to the BSG soundtrack...). Also making sure you don't have copies and duplicates. Over-write is my friend.

8. However. Can I talk about how fugly the Windows 10 start menu is? Because it is awful. I don't want this facebook bullshit. (I know there is a shell thing out there). I just want fucking classic view back, dammit.

6B. No, seriously, going through these Kara/Sam (and the BSG ones in general) is making me say all sorts of "OMG OTP. AUGH. STUPID KIDS." type things. so pathetic, I know.
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ok, so I also missed halfamoon. But, um. I've been busy.

Taken from [profile] _profiterole: 10 Books in no particular order that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than few minutes and don't try to list the "right" or "great" works.

1. Freedom and Necessity by Steven Brust & Emma Bull. It doesn't matter how often I re-read it, there's just something about the magic and the espitolary-ness and Susan Voight's ability to be amazing and how it is basically cross-dressing SPIES and MOSCOW RULES and magic lineages and happy endings and BREAK MY HEART A LOT. omg. Also, women with pistols. Or holly. Depending on what they want to use as defense.

2. Gossamer Axe by Gael Baudino. Immortal harper chick takes on the sidhe to win back her lover... using an all-girl heavy metal band. It is so 90's in it Wicca-ness and bad Christianity and other things. Also, f/f, cliche a lot, and still amazing. Seriously. ALL GIRL METAL BAND BEATS ELVES ANY DAY. ok. Yes.

3. Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly. The first Kelly I ever read, and the one that's really stuck with me. Emma Costello is an indentured servant to two hideous Americans who gets her servitude bought by their cousin (who himself is not a good pickle). Angst, sturm and drang ensue along with Emma's plan to reform the dude and get him married off. Not to her, though, because she loathes the English.

4. The Silicon Mage by Barbara Hambly. Computer programmer Joanna Sheraton gets her possible-kidnaper-sort-of-boyfriend arrested as an evil wizard, discovers HE WAS RIGHT, and has to plan everything to go after him and save the world. Because an evil sorceror is stealing the hope from both of their worlds. This book still remains my favorite of the three (if only because of Joanna's bffery with Pella, and Antryg's pleasure at seeing her and Caris--and as much as I like the sequel Joanna doesn't have much to do).

5. Dreams of Dawn by Marti Steussy. Coming of age SF, with bio-genetics, backwards colonists, found families and girls kicking ass.

6. Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley. Robin Hood + practicality + Myths, who writes the legends, and Marian bringing the archery. Seriously, I would kill for a well-done mini-series of this. (also, there is cross-dressing)

7. Best Laid Schemes by Emma Jensen. Pure regency fluff, but she owns my soul, and this one is lovely. Second: Coup de Grace, also by her (the whole trio with that group is amazing, even if I want to slap Noel a lot for being an ass).

8. Dreadnought by Cheri Priest. Steampunk train journey with zombies, bad guys, pistols at dawn, no-nonsense nurses and badassery galore. I feel no one should be surprised that the Clockwork Century book to stick with me is the one with TRAINS ok.

9. Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey. Shut up, it was my formative years, Killashandra Ree is amazingly Dramatic and still owns my heart. (even if some of the sexual politics now piss me off, I'm looking at you, Crystal Line)

10. Dancer of the Sixth by Michelle Shirey Crean. It is fucking criminal that there was never a sequel to this as I loved the whole universe (and the lasting effects of Dancer Flight heavily, HEAVILY influence anything I write featuring space pilots like Kara Thrace or even Sam Carter--I'm actually pretty certain half the Kara fic I wrote was Dancer fic in disguise). Anyway, the only part of Dancer that I can't stand these days is Michael's fucking paternalistic attitude. Stop calling the woman you want to have sex with 'child'! it's gross.
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Scott Summers - manic pixie dream girl
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1. I am pretty sure if I made a Bill and Ted joke at work no one would get it (a: culture barrier due to multi-cultural co-workers. b: they are all so damn young. Ok. Not all. But A, for instance, missed a Die Hard reference. He's a dude. How does a dude miss a Die Hard ref?)

2. Which was not what I intended to start with. Oh well.

3. So. You know how you sometimes google yourself just for shits and giggles? BSG fandom has a large chunk (in bits and pieces) in Digital Fandom: New Media Studies by Paul Booth. If you search it for 'Lyssie', the relevant page displayed is a bit relating to a femslash fic I wrote (me and LoQ going back and forth about it - it's an example of blogs and reactions or something. Whatever). (WTF I AM IN A PUBLISHED ACADEMIC WORK, also, so are my shipping preferences. SO EMBARRASSING

4. Under my real name, I am apparently the devil in disguise. GO ME. (I could be a spy!)

5. I saw my folks over the holidays, mom and I watched a bunch of Granada Sherlock Holmes. Also, my mother is immune to the Rule of Cool, apparently.

6. I have listened to Green Wing so often at work that I can quote it during every damned episode. And I still want to be Sue White when i grow up (Ms. Gomez, why and how are you so amazing. I do not understand).

7. ETA: Also, and oh god, can I rant a bit about the cover of Alice Through the Looking Glass a bit? Because according to the cover, the movie is all about Tim Curry um... Depp, right. Anyway, he's the main character. Or something. When in reality all he is is a fugly lamp that could be removed and the movie would (mostly; let's be honest here, it didn't require him specifically to set events in motion, but someone did have to be the Underland catalyst, although arguably that was Mirana) have remained the same.

AUGH. Fuck Disney. And Burton.


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